About us

UAB “Dontrasa” is an organisation valuing its team and working towards always improving qualifications and performance enhancing skills and abilities. That is the main reason we are able to offer the highest quality services under any circumstances in order to meet the most demanding customers’ needs.

This company is a specialized transport and logistics organization with a high qualification in freight transportation, warehousing and offering complex solutions that will help you save money and mostly important your time.

Our Services


International transportation

Road transport and services are of the highest quality, starting with standard services like partial cargo transportation or full cargo transportation is a guaranteed factor. We also guarantee safe transportation for high-security cargo. Our company guarantees you such services as;

    • Tracking
    • Clear terms and their achievement
    • Door to door delivery.
    • Cargo insurance

International cargo is transported in the best conditions, so the cargo reaches the customer exactly as we get it and what the customer orders. International transportation is particularly attentive to communication between the customer and us.


Local transportation

We give priority to local cargo, ensuring the cargo is delivered the same day as ordered or as soon as possible, and under the best conditions, paying attention to the customer's expectations. By ordering local cargo transportation in Lithuania you will not be let down by “Dontrasa” company, because you will be served in the highest conditions, you will be able to track the cargo and contact our team without any interruption. If a problem arises, our team will make sure that everything is sorted and explained to you and that high attention is payed to your cargo expectations.



We provide warehousing services to minimize the risk of product failure and expiration. Each item in our warehouse is carefully inspected and assigned to the right place. Warehousing helps us:

    • Transport and store domestic and international cargo
    • We have high quality warehouses and pay high expectations for their maintenance.
    • We sort and label production upon its arrival for efficient transport.
    • Loads are controlled.
    • We provide import and export services.
    • We attach great importance to cargo documentation.